The M50 wheels and Sweep bars are on both my geared and singlespeed bikes, but only my singlespeed gets to enjoy the carbon stem. My geared bike is limited to the Cannondale OPI stem or it would have an Enve stem also.

My drink varies between Gu Brew, Roctane and electrolyte tablets. I always have Gu gel or Roctane gel in my jersey pockets and Chomps for a special treat on training rides. See my nutrition blog for more details about when I use each product.


The Seca 2000 is always on my head, with either a 6 or 3 cell battery, depending on how long I'm riding. Again, depending on what I'm doing, my bar light is a Stella 500, Urban 550 or Taz 1000. I can't go wrong with any of them.

I've loved my Eggbeaters for years. They are so simple and work in all conditions. In my jersey pocket I carry a Sterling pump and an m18 tool. I wrap a gel packet to my pump so it doesn't fly out of my pocket. 


I never leave home without my Pivlock V2 Max glasses. The only decision is lens color. Rose is my standard but if I'm in the desert I'll use a darker lens and if I'm racing through sunrise or sunset I'll use a clear photochromic lens, which is just magic.

For me, nothing beats the TLT6 boot for training and the DyNA for racing. I race with the Lo-Tech race bindings but backcountry ski with the Speed Superlight. I love the lack of weight and the safety of the non-autolock toe. I choose the ski that best fits my mission for the day. I wish I were a "quiver of one" guy, but I have different skis for different conditions.


This shop carries great brands, does exceptional service on all brands, loves to talk bikes year-round and will get you on the correct type and size of bike instead of trying to get a bike off their showroom floor.

The XX1 group has been awesome the last couple of years. I have used both GripShift and trigger shifters with equal enjoyment. I usually train with a 32t chainring but race with a 34t. 


People always ask what is the best toothpaste and brush. My answer is the one you will use. Honestly, any soft brush is fine, just make sure you use it properly. Same with paste. Find a flavor/consistency that is pleasant and get after it. And don't forget the floss!

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